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TIRANO: The Search For Truth

Working for a Magazine like Legacy has the advantage, that I always learn about new bands from all over the world. For upcoming issue of that print magazine I have written a story about Tirano, a Thrash Metal formation from Chile, that just has released a new EP/Mini album called La Receta Del Diablo. To read that story you have to buy Legacy issue #124, and to understand it You should know German. ;)
But as always, i´ve done an interview with the band to write about it, and in most cases the answered interview is much longer than the space available in the print magazine. Tirano, represented by Leo (Bass) and Gonzalo (Drums/Production) had a lot to tell - and here is all of the interview that didn´t get used in Legacy!

Just to have a short introduction: What have been the influences and people that pushed you to start your own music?

Gonzalo Sepulveda:
We begun playing together during high school (early 90s). Playing Metallica/Megadeth/Kreator cover songs, so those were our main influences. Our parents always supported us, driving us to shows, buying us new instruments, etc. As the years passed, we started composing our own music, and producing our own demos, and that was when our families and friends realized this was some sort of a serious thing.

Tirano: La Receta Del Diablo
"I think living in our country is fairly difficult for most of the people."

Your new EP La Receta Del Diablo is out now - what have been the most impressing reactions so far?

Leo Henriquez:
People in general have reacted very well, with positive comments regarding the result of the new EP. We have been told that there is a new air, a kind of reinvention from what was delivered in Awkan, where we effectively took a step forward in terms of composition, production and sound, that was from the beginning the main idea . They have also asked us about the change of language and the truth is that we only have to say that writing our lyrics in English is part of the natural process of trying to leave the region and open ourselves to other parts of the world, like the US or Europe. Deep down we have always been interested in our music reaching more people and other parts of the world and although we initially identified ourselves a lot with our region and write our lyrics in Spanish, now we see it as part of a natural process, which does not mean abandoning principles or erasing the past, it is only evolving. If you look at the music market, in 20 years it has changed enormously, where technology and social networks are protagonists, and to be in tune we believe it is necessary to update ourselves, as long as you have clear your goals and your integrity as a band.
In the most general aspect, we have noticed that people liked the change and we see the future in that area very positive, therefore people should expect, in the mid-term, a new Tirano LP. La Receta del Diablo is just the beginning of a new stage.

During songwriting and recording, what have been the most memorable moments?

Gonzalo Sepulveda:
I think the song writing process was quick and straightforward. After our debut album Awkan, we knew we had more to share with the people that follow us. We needed something more fresh, fast and riff-driven, and we decided to record an EP. The recording process was also smooth. We recorded drums at Estudio Lautaro which has a nice, big live room. Then we took that to Akustik Studio and recorded bass, guitars and vocals, which was also fairly quick. And then I took everything to the mixing room at a friend’s studio, and finished the job. I think the most memorable moment was when we listened to our first mixes and realized we had something special, that we had improve what we did in Awkan, in both music and production.

Have there been any difficulties or problems you had to overcome, while working at La Receta Del Diablo?

Gonzalo Sepulveda:
Not really, to be honest. I think we all knew exactly what our role in the production was, so since we started writing up to the mastering process, everything went as planned. I think that was a bit of luck, but also the years of experience helped us to overcome any possible issue we might have had.

For me one of the strongest tracks of the EP is Democrazy. So what is the background of that song?

Leo Henriquez:
Democrazy is a song that was composed thinking about the contingency of the conflict in South America, where we wanted to participate in our own way, taking into account the political degree of the case. We are very interested in this kind of communication battle between the USA and Venezuela, countries where we want to imply that "people" is the most important thing, which we know is not. Our critical view refers strictly to inviting people to open their eyes a little and give a more realistic look at the matter, and why not, laugh a little when knowing beforehand that everything is necessarily linked to oil, power and money, and all of the above, summed up in the name we gave Democrazy and the sung part: "Black hands stained with blood". We don’t take part with any of both countries as we think they are both extremist in their own terms and we don’t share their views and government regimes.

And how is your view on politics and democracy in your home country?

Leo Henriquez:
Our country is currently going through a period of social upheaval, where most of the population believes that the government has done a terrible job in terms of social demands. We have always been critical in this regard because we have lived through this process, without going any further, the theme Black Flag (being a letter that was written many months ago) reflects and encompasses the current feeling of our Chilean society, where social rebellion shows its most violent face, neglecting conformism and taking protests against the government as a way to get attention in the worst way. This is due mainly because for years that the streets have been taken for peaceful demonstrations, which have not had any relevance and have gone unnoticed. In an unfortunate way - since there have been dead and wounded - violence has taken the streets and so far they have been the only way for the government to listen and make changes in the laws. We live an important moment and it has only been a coincidence to talk about these issues in our EP, since it was not premeditated, it has simply been part of something that was coming.

Besides making music, what are the things in the world you´re most passionate with?

Gonzalo Sepulveda:
Personally, I have a 2 months old daughter who takes most of my passion and heart at the moment, hehehe.

Leo Henriquez:
On my side, like Gonzo, family is also something that is within my passions. I am also very interested in the hidden and conspiracy issues, I am passionate about all the issues related to mass manipulation and the historical lies behind the so-called "New World Order". They inspire me to write lyrics and I´m always up to date with those topics. In short, I am passionate about the search for truth.

On the other side, what really annoys you?

Gonzalo Sepulveda:
Injustice, inequity. I think living in our country is fairly difficult for most of the people. The social-economic model we have for 40 years now, is quite unfair. People struggle to survive in this cruel system (health, education, retirement plans). We are lucky to have a relatively good living, so we can pursue our dreams, including making music, but most of the people in our country are having a hard time, while a small percentage is living in mansion and with multimillion salaries. I think that really annoys me!

Finally, where do you see yourself in about 20 years?

Gonzalo Sepulveda:
I think still making music and having fun with friends and family. It might sound cliché but I’m happy with simple things, like getting together for a BBQ, going out for drinks, playing with my daughter or playing music. I hope we can keep doing what we are doing now as a band, and hopefully in 20 years Chile is a better country to live in.


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